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Lost Pet Reporter was the first Social Media page to post lost and found pets in the Lehigh Valley. Inspired by a lost dog and the question of could social media help find the dogs owner, the page was born.

Lost Pet Flyer Generator

We are the only lost and found pet page to provide a free Flyer Generator to post pictures of your pet all over your area. Not everyone uses the internet or likes any lost pet pages, so we knew it was a great idea to add this free service.

Business Sponsors

We at Lost Pet Reporter came up with a great idea to help get more views on a facebook posting by Boosting the post. Facebook charges for this option so we created Sponsor a Post for Businesses. Cheap but effective advertising.

Lost Pet Reporter

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More Pets Go Missing on the 4th of July due to fireworks
Pets have a better chance of being reunited if they are chipped
Lost Pets have been found hundreds of miles away
Lost Pet Reporter greatly increases a pets chances of being reunited


I posted my cat with Lost Pet Reporter and the next day my neighbor called me because she seen it on the Lost Pet Reporter facebook page, and had Felix at her house the whole time!

Jennifer H

Lost Pet Reporter was fantastic! We had our pup home within an hour of posting on their facebook page! This page is absolutely awesome, I may have never found her without this. Thank you!

Donna F

Finally, a good reason to use facebook!
Quote made in the Morning Call News Paper online article comments area.

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